Terms and conditions for use

The photographs made available on this site are to be used solely and exclusively for the purposes of illustration and for the promotion of Champagne Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée wines.
All photographs appearing in this section shall be made available free of charge to the user.
They shall be used solely for the following purposes:

  • To provide illustrations of Champagne wines in the press, book publishing, guides or catalogues (unless they are the subject of purchases of advertising space).

They shall not be used for advertising purposes (billposting, purchases of advertising space, etc.) or marketing purposes (calendars, posters, post cards, etc.).
The provision of photographs shown on this site is a matter pertaining exclusively to the CIVC and is made solely to the identified user, for the purpose specified on the order form.
As a result, the user shall not transfer or loan to any third party any documents that have thus been acquired, nor use them for any purposes other than those indicated on the order form and detailed above.
The user shall inform the CIVC of any new use of one or more photographs originating from the CHAMPAGNE photo library.
Furthermore, the user shall send two (2) copies of any printed document that contains one or more photographs from the photo library to the CIVC.
Whenever photographs appearing on this site are used, they shall systematically be accompanied by a reference to copyright, as indicated on the site and in the following manner:
Photographer’s name - Collection CIVC
In addition, the Borrower shall respect the moral rights of the photographer; it is forbidden to modify these photographs in any way. In particular, they shall not be cropped, reworked by means of special effects or be subject to any other modification.
In order to protect photographers, every high-resolution photograph made available in the download section is accompanied by the following caption: "Photographer’s name - Collection CIVC".

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